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Contract law is defined as the convergence of two parties who wish to work together in a legally binding way. It is a highly specialized practice of law; contracts can include the purchase of a particular item or entity, the sale of another specific item, or any other legally enforceable agreement. At BB&C, our contracts lawyers analyze your situation and help create an agreement that will protect your interests and fit your needs.

In the event that a contract is breached or a responsible party is unable to meet the contract’s obligations, the law provides remedies. Contract disputes can also occur when a party disagrees with any of the terms or definitions included within a contract. In order for a contract to be valid, there must be mutual agreement, or a “meeting of the minds”, between you and the other party. Without mutual agreement, the contract could be contested in court, especially if you obtained the contract from the Internet and it didn’t cater to your specific needs.

Here at BB&C, we are committed to protecting your interests. Our contracts lawyers will work with you and your partners to create a customized contract that is easy to understand and addresses all of your concerns — be they business, real estate, or otherwise.

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