Foreclosure & Creditor’s Rights

Foreclosure & Creditor’s Rights Foreclosure & Creditor’s Rights

Foreclosure & Creditor’s Rights

Foreclosure is the legal process in which a creditor attempts to pay off a debt by repossessing collateral from a borrower who secured the debt and is no longer making payments. Whether a foreclosure concerns a personal residence or a multimillion-dollar commercial property, we work with creditors from beginning (the formal demand letter) to end (bankruptcy). It is our mission to assist with the protection of your collateral and help you seize every opportunity to collect funds due.

One of the most common questions about foreclosure and creditor’s rights is, “How long is the process?” It is a common misconception that it takes only a short period of time; however, foreclosures can take six to nine months. The amount of time it takes to complete the process depends on the county in which the real estate is located and on the parties involved in the case.

At BB&C, our lawyers assist you with the most efficient and timely collection of overdue accounts. Once we determine your needs, we conduct follow-ups and relay important deadlines and other information. During a foreclosure, we advise homeowners about state and federal safeguards. Throughout the foreclosure process, we are calculated and confident. We keep you informed, and we help you secure your collateral sooner, not later.

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