Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit law addresses the creation, management, and maintenance of nonprofit organizations. At BB&C, we believe in the proactive advocacy of these organizations. While it is easy to think of nonprofits as being high profile, most organizations comprise a small group of individuals who ask questions like, “How much insurance do we need?”, “What kind of liability should we be concerned about?”, and “How do we become a 501(c)(3)?” Because the answers to these questions — and concerns about bylaws, conflict-of-interest policies, and gift acceptance guidelines — are specific to an organization, nonprofit law is one of the most individualized practice areas in the legal world.

At BB&C, our nonprofit lawyers focus on the specialized needs of each nonprofit, whether it’s a religious organization, a public benefit organization, or a mutual benefit organization. We understand that each nonprofit has a different mission, so we listen to your needs before helping you establish articles of incorporation, prepare internal policies, negotiate real estate leases, and prepare charity gaming licenses. Because we value your dedication to addressing the challenges of society, we ensure that your nonprofit is set up properly so you will not face liability in the future.

When it comes to establishing a 501(c)(3), we assist you in completing the necessary forms and negotiating with the IRS. We help you understand what is required to maintain that status and guarantee that your nonprofit will be as protected and as viable as possible. We work with you — as a partner, not a commander — and are committed to helping you fulfill your mission in the most cost-effective way.

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