Roger Wm. Bennett
Of Counsel
Roger Wm. Bennett
Of Counsel

Roger Bennett is a Lafayette native and son of firm founder William K. Bennett. In his elder law focus during the last half of his more than 30-year career, Roger has developed a bias for tried-and-true, risk averse approaches to solving clients’ problems. He is now Of Counsel at BB&C, and his perspective allows him to make connections and see potential pitfalls of one course of action over another.

Roger graduated cum laude from the Indiana University School of Law – Bloomington and joined BB&C in 1981. After his father’s sudden passing at the age of 78, Roger resolved to take care of his father’s clients. Roger discovered many of them were around the same age as his father, and that their questions tended to be about Medicaid and VA benefits – questions at the core of elder law. “I enjoyed consistently making a big difference in their lives,” he says.

Today, Roger concentrates on elder law, estate administration, and estate planning, wills & trusts. He helps clients arrange assets, obtain VA or Medicaid benefits, develop financial or personal care plans, and plan for children with disabilities. By making himself “available to do anything that an elderly person needs to have done,” Roger erases his clients’ worries and maximizes their quality of life and the life of their loved ones. 

Outside of work, Roger enjoys traveling, reading, blogging, riding his bike, and singing. He has sung in choirs for 52 years and is a cantor at Saint Alexis Orthodox Church.

Contact Roger at or (765) 742-9069.


Indiana University School of Law – Bloomington

Admitted to Practice

State of Indiana

U.S. Northern District Court of Indiana

U.S. Southern District Court of Indiana

United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

Accredited by the United States Veterans Administration

Professional Affiliations

Tippecanoe County Bar Association

Indiana State Bar Association

Federalist Society

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys



Accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs


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