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Driving Under The Influence

Legal Assistance for an OWI or DUI

Even the best of us make bad decisions from time to time. That’s just part of being human. But poor …

Post-Divorce Guide for Moms

Helping you through the tough stuff

Ending your marriage often means significant changes in many areas of your life, including finances and living arrangements. And with …

4 Kinds of Real Estate Ownership

Know the details before you buy

When it comes to buying real estate, most people assume there’s only one way to do it: either you own …

How To Find A Lost Will

Where to look and who to call

A well-written will helps secure your legacy for future generations. But these legal documents are only useful if they’re in …

Farm Lease Agreements

Protecting your farm and your family

When it comes to farming, most farmers have two options when it comes to the land: own or rent. Often …

Premarital To-Dos

A Pre-Wedding Checklist

Weddings may conjure up romantic images of flowing dresses, flowers, and love everlasting. But the paperwork and legalities about marriage, …

Non-Compete Agreements

5 critical components to consider

Whether you’re an employer or employee, chances are you’ve run across a non-compete agreement at some time or another. They’re …

7 Divorce Myths

Common misconceptions about the legal process in Indiana

If you’re a Hoosier facing divorce, you’re not alone. Indiana ranks among the highest in divorce rates in the U.S. …

Foreign Interests in U.S. Agricultural Land

How AFIDA may impact you

As a farmer or other agricultural landowner, you’re probably all too familiar with governmental regulations and legal necessities. From travel …

Deeds: The Nitty Gritty Details

Successfully transferring property ownership

Land ownership has long been a significant part of the American dream. To the country’s earliest settlers, property was a …