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Family farms are greater than livestock, bigger than fields, and more than just tractors — they are the fabric of America. At BB&C, our agribusiness lawyers understand that farmers often find themselves asking questions like, “How do I save taxes?”, “How can I transfer the business to my children?”, and “What is the best way to grow my business?” These concerns are the heart of agribusiness law, which meets the needs of your family farm business.

Agribusiness encompasses real estate purchases, farm estate and succession planning, and various tax matters. We assist with business purchases — such as the sale or acquisition of property — and help you defer capital gains. We’re here to ensure that your operation continues to grow.

Our lawyers specialize in creating farm estate plans that transfer your business to the next generation. A well-crafted plan addresses inheritance taxes, liabilities, cash-flow matters, and even family continuity. Estate plans distribute inheritance and responsibilities fairly, and ensure that your business continues to operate during the transition. Because we appreciate your hard work in the fields, our first priority is finding an efficient solution for you, your family, and your operation.

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