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Real estate law is extraordinarily detailed, so when issues concerning tax deferred exchanges, property development, commercial leases, or for-sale-by-owner properties arise, it’s easy to get lost in the fine print. Questions about purchase agreements, inspection reports, and zoning restrictions can be overwhelming. Subdivision development and the leasing of business or retail properties can be equally intimidating. In these complex situations, it is best to seek experienced counsel to avoid being taken advantage of.

At BB&C, our real estate lawyers believe in straightforwardness. We explore the various options available and negotiate terms to ensure that your transaction closes successfully. We also aid clients in the deferment of capital gains taxes. We handle the purchase, sale, or lease of all types of real estate — including landlord-tenant disputes — but our focus lies in multi-year commercial leases and Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Throughout the legal process, our lawyers regularly advise what constitutes taxable capital gain under federal and state tax law. We draft purchase agreements and guide you step by step through the leasing process. We’re forthright. We keep you informed. And we’re determined to read the small print and negotiate the best possible transaction for you.

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